Fluke Networks hat Visual TruView (Visual Performance Manager VPM) weiterentwickelt. Visual TruView (Visual Performance Manager VPM) ist nun in der Version 9.0 erhältlich. Zu den Hauptneuerungen gehören die folgenden Dinge:
 Version  Highlights Release Herstellerbeschreibung 
  • User Analysis – you can search for a user by the Active Directory login and track the network performance for that user.
  • User VoIP Performance – you can track the VoIP performance by Phone Number or IP address for a single user.
  • 2 GB Trace Files – you can now generate and save Trace Files up to 2 GB.
  • OptiView XG Path Analysis – integration of Fluke Networks OptiView XG path analysis feature.
  • System Health – enhanced status and corrective action information for System Health.
  • Distributed TruView - Adds the ability to convert a single TruView installation into a distributed TruView system.
  • Site Traffic Analysis - We have revamped and rewritten Site Traffic Analysis to utilize the native TruView UI components.
  • Mobile Capabilities - Beta capabilities to enable access of performance data via mobile devices. Adds the ability to view performance metrics via the mobile app without a VPN connection.
  • Global Search Enhancements - Global Search now includes results from VoIP endpoints and User IP, has a progressive loading indicator, and a time out indicator.
  • PDF Enhancements - PDF now supports multiple columns, a text zoomable feature, and optionally you can limit your grid results to only what is shown on your screen.


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